Eating Habits

There are two things to remember

→ Avoid very hard foods in order that you do not damage your braces. Damaged braces do not work well and may cause irritation. Your treatment is likely to be prolonged.

→ Avoid sugary snacks and drinks. Your braces keep them in contact with your teeth for a longer time. That can be damaging. Acidic or fizzy drinks are also damaging. If these are consumed regularly, they can cause decay and gum disease.

Some Tips

Cut hard foods into smaller pieces or strips and carefully bite them.

Keep snacking to a minimum. This way, the cleaning effort after each snack will be less. Less time for sugar in contact with your teeth.

Use a straw

Use a straw for drinks other than water that usually contain lots of teaspoons of sugar. Fizzy or acidic drinks are damaging as well. Even the diet type. Keep consumption to a minimum.

Examples of things to avoid

→ Toffees

→ Caramels

→ Hard chocolate

→ Corn on the cob

→ Hard crusty bread or hard crispbread

→ Hard foods like apples and carrots are better cut into smaller pieces

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