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As all kids my age (14 years old) I wanted my teeth to look great. The only way to achieve this was to go to an orthodontist. After research my parents I ended up going to Dr. Alexis Xenopoulos.
I was a pit afraid visiting him the first time, however, the approach of Dr. Alexis and his staff removed all my fears. Completing the treatment, I can now smile with confidence. I highly recommended Dr. Alexis Xenopoulos


At the age of 51 I had a severe case of chronic periodontitis which led to bone loss and damaged gums, protruding teeth due to them being untreated became both a dysfunctional and an aesthetic problem. Losing my teeth was a matter of time. Having eventually gone through treatment by a periodontist I was recommended to visit Dr. Alexis Xenopoulos, a renowned orthodontist.

His professional approach and gentle character gave me confidence right from the start.  I thank him for genuine interest and personal care while the treatment was progressing smoothly for a period of 16 months. Thanks to Dr. Xenopoulos my teeth look healthy and strong are perfectly aligned and youthful and I can’t keep looking at how perfect they are.


10 years of excellent support by Alexis Xenopoulos for my 4 children dental braces procedure treatment!!!! It all started back in 2010 with my eldest son Avgoustino having major issues with his lower jaw bone and consequently with his denture. Alexis Xenopoulos with his great knowledge, experience, and patience, managed to give excellent treatment /results to him.

Then my other 2 sons went through very successful dental braces treatment with Alexis Xenopoulos. Now after 10 years of great co-operation with Alexis, my youngest child, my daughter, is going through the same braces treatment. On behalf of my family, I would like to express my gratitude to Alexis Xenopoulos for the great support and excellent results he provided to my 4 kids throughout these 10 years. I would recommend Alexis Xenopoulos to every adult and child with orthodontic issues.

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